Antifragile Leadership: Checklists for 2022 — Michael Mauro

Antifragility is resilience 2.0.

What does antifragility look like in the workplace?

Like happiness, leadership development resides on a continuum

Developing antifragile leadership: a checklist for leaders

  • Open your mind — inside and outside of the business.
  • Take time every day for self-reflection, so your own self-awareness is a constantly evolving thing.
  • Make strides to develop your emotional intelligence. How can your organisation assist with this growth? Would you benefit from a leadership development program?
  • Even if ‘tried and tested’ always works — always be thinking about new ways to approach problems. Open it up to the floor too.
  • Acknowledge your own weaknesses and failings, embrace them, and learn from them to grow your antifragile confidence.
  • Decentralise the decision-making.
  • Practise active listening and encourage two-way feedback.
  • Leverage the intelligence of your teams — look for opportunities to welcome and facilitate collaboration and contribution.
  • Look beyond the data — use your intuition and allow yourself to be vulnerable when making decisions.
  • Create a psychologically safe space where it’s okay to fail. The more the better, in fact — it means you’re thinking creatively.

Supporting leaders and fostering an antifragile culture: a checklist for HR

  • HR has become a fragile department and it’s why the past couple of years have been such a struggle. HR needs antifragility at its own core. So, ask the right questions — starting with the same question as these scientists of happiness: “What conditions can we put in place to increase the likelihood of growing from hardship?” “What can we add to our leadership development strategy with antifragility and PTG in mind?” “What can we do as a team to make leaders and employees feel more supported?” “How can we become more antifragile as a department?”
  • Consider how you can encourage your leaders to discover their meaning and purpose, and who they are within your organisation.
  • Provide opportunities for individual development. I’m certainly talking about leadership development, but I’m talking about further down the ladder too. How are you identifying and developing your high potential talent? When individuals have more opportunities and eggs in multiple baskets, they won’t be so fragile when an egg breaks every now and again. The same applies for the organisation itself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with this from a leadership development consultant like myself.
  • Speaking of breaking eggs, don’t try to shield your leaders and workforces from negative experiences — if you develop your leaders into supporting and caring managers, then exposure to these negative experiences is an opportunity to grow, learn and reinforce your new mindset and culture. Inviting employees to be involved in finding a solution to problems will also further motivate them.
  • Don’t be so overly focused on staying positive that it becomes a mask and breeds distrust in your teams, or becomes something that instils fear of failure in your workforces.
  • Think outside the box, go with your gut, experiment, and learn from wins and failures.
  • Understand that it’s a long journey and you can’t turn ideas into action and success overnight.




Leadership development consultant, facilitator, Executive coach & HR thought leader, transforming today’s leaders into tomorrow’s radical change agents.

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Michael Mauro

Michael Mauro

Leadership development consultant, facilitator, Executive coach & HR thought leader, transforming today’s leaders into tomorrow’s radical change agents.

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