How To Create Psychological Safety At Work — Michael Mauro

Illustration visually representing negative psychological safety at work

What Is Psychological Safety at Work?

Why Is Psychological Safety at Work Important?

  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Increased confidence, creativity, trust, and productivity
  • A greater sense of collaboration
  • Higher employee retention and job satisfaction
  • Paving the way to improved inclusion and diversity
  • Improved company reputation
  • Better health and safety, and security

8 Ways to Create Psychological Safety at Work

1. Make Psychological Safety an Explicit Priority

2. Encourage Openness about Mental Health

3. Educate Your Employees and Yourself

4. Lead the Way

5. Be Open to Feedback

6. Offer Mental Health Support

7. Embrace Productive Conflict

8. Support and Represent Your Team



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Michael Mauro

Michael Mauro

Leadership development consultant, facilitator, Executive coach & HR thought leader, transforming today’s leaders into tomorrow’s radical change agents.